Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raven Spirit Canoe Family

The Raven Spirit Canoe Family is a canoe family which was formed in 2007. A 30 foot Traditional Cedar Dugout Canoe was carved by Dorey Brotchie during the traditional wedding ceremony of Steve and Gloria Wilson. The canoe was part of the dowry that was handed over to Steve Wilson through the bride's side of the family along with names, songs and dances.

The Raven Spirit Canoe Family's goal is to promote healing, cultural awareness and unity on the annual Canoe Journey with the youth that participate in the Journey. It is our responsibility as role models for these youth to guide them in positive ways, and to provide them with the opportunity to experience a journey that may change their life. We believe as Native people, that the youth represent the future of Native communities, and that their health and well being determines the future health and well-being of a community.

The Raven Spirit Canoe Family is embarking on this year's Journey to Suquamish, WA in July. The annual Canoe Journey is a significant cultural event which requires great preparation. As many as 100 canoes from as far north as Alaska and as far south as Oregon State will be attending this year's Journey.


  1. Hey Gloria WELL DONE!!!! You never cease to amaze me.... I have found out the dates of the AFN and i have so much news for your clan... I am not sure of what this years dates are for the journey but I am having this feeling that it lands SMACK in the middle of the journey. Will put a call out to you ASAP... i am on the road for the month of March and April being a true nomad traveling our territories... LOL But i am told i will be home this weekend for a few days and will be stationary for a few days in my house home...

    Love you lots and again this is GREAt STUFF...

    will have to post Raven Spirit's journey from birth to present... it was a beautiful experience to be a part of... and the connection of the families and the lives it touched and the relationships it nutured...

    Love you lots sista

  2. Hello all... and Ty gloria for putting this together for us all ... Ok so When are we taking the Canoe out for Practice...??? soon I hope ...



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